Until I have time to put into words exactly what I've always meant for HI54LOFI / HI54LOFI RECORDS to be, in a way that sums things up better than the above scene from the greatest movie of all time (High Fidelity), I won't.

I'll just add that the main driving force behind everything I've been doing and hope to keep doing is the motto "This isn't a competition, it's a collaboration". No matter what your medium, there has never been a better time for going it alone together. There has never been a better time to find the people who give shits about the same things you do. There's never been a better time to discover what you actually give shits about.

I think it might also be important to address the name.

To me, ‘lofi’ is not a certain sound. It is not about tape hiss. Something is ‘lofi’ when it has a certain humanness to it. It’s a hard thing to put into words, but you can tell when something feels slightly off in the ‘genuine’ category. The reason people think ‘shitty production’ when they think ‘lofi’ is because such a high percentage of the music that is lacking in the ‘genuine’ category is the over-produced soulless stuff we've been force fed for so many years. The kind of music that tastes of not only too many fingers in the pie, but of fingers that had no right being in that pie in the first place.

But 'lofi' doesn't even have to be a sound. It's doing your own thing in a world that has gotten too used to doing someone else's thing. As much as this website may seem to just focus on music, that's just the area my brain often wonders too. I don't really consider this a ‘music blog’. So if you are one of those people who are interested in trying to keep on top of the non-stop flow of daily new music, then you probably don't want to bookmark this site. This isn't a site for finding out about things 'first', but hopefully that doesn't mean this isn't a site for finding out about things. Consider HI54LOFI the end result of me putting the world through my filter and sharing the things that make it through that.

So, let's start doing what we enjoy and spending time with the people we enjoy. Let's share the things we enjoy with the people we enjoy and repeat until we're all dead. Because if we're all doing that, good things will come out of it.

And high five for lo-fi.