150 Favourites From 2014 (part 1/3)

Just like the year before, I've decided that the best way for me to share what twenty fourteen sounded like in my headphones was to put together three different 50 track mixes. This is the first one. The other two will be coming later this week (well, #2 is already up on 8tracks as well, so I guess it's just #3 that is still to come).

There's no real order of preference to these mixes, just 150 ace tracks from 150 different artists, purposefully arranged and organized into 3 ear pleasing mix tapes. Each mix clocks out at about 3hrs long, so if you like having the soundtrack sorted for a good chunk of your day, you're in luck.

Now, I was going to put together linked list of all the music featured on the mix(es)… but I kind of thought “maybe doing that ruins the whole point of listening to the mix”. I mean, why bother listening to a 3 hour mix tape if you can just quickly skim a list to see what songs are on it? And the lazy part of my being that didn't want to do all the leg work of putting together a list of links agreed with this reasoning. Also, I'm thinking that individually posting the music featured on the mixes over on Tumblr throughout the week (and on Twitter too) might be better than a big long list at the bottom of this post (the lazy part of my being thinks that sounds like more work and is now wishing we stuck with the list idea).

But for now, press play on PART 1 (or pop over to 8tracks and listen there) and just enjoy the music. 

And Happy New Year.

And etc.