150 Favourites From 2014 (part 2/3)

As I mentioned the other day —and as you may have noticed over on Twitter and Tumblr— I decided to sum up what 2014 sounded like in my headphones by making 3 mix tapes of 50 tracks each. This the 2nd one.

There's no real order of preference to these mixes, just 150 ace tracks from 150 different artists, purposefully arranged and organized into 3 ear pleasing mix tapes. Each mix clocks out at about 3hrs long, so if you like having the soundtrack sorted for a good chunk of your day, you're in luck (and if you're in need of a 9hr soundtrack… just press 'play all' on this 8tracks collection of all 3 mixes).

Hopefully you can find some time to listen to these mixes. I think your ears will appreciate it.