150 Favourites From 2014 (part 3/3)

And here is the 3rd and final part to my mix tape sum up of what 2014 mostly sounded like in my headphones (here's PART 1 and PART 2).

There's no real order of preference to the songs on these mixes, just 150 ace tracks from 150 different artists, purposefully arranged and organized into 3 ear pleasing mix tapes. Each mix clocks out at about 3hrs long, so if you like having the soundtrack sorted for a good chunk of your day, you're in luck (and if you're in need of a 9hr soundtrack… just press 'play all' on this 8tracks collection of all 3 mixes).

I'll be getting back to the 'normal blogging schedule' on Monday (i.e. a new episode of the Mix Tape Radio show and etc), but until then, why not spend a little more time with 2014 (i.e. by putting these 8tracks mixes into your ears)?