2 Days Left To Snag Amazing Daytrotter Deal

I meant to post about this amazing Daytrotter offer before Christmas, as it really is either the best present you could buy for someone else and / or the best present you could get for yourself. You see, I had sent my brother a message saying how we should get each other Daytrotter memberships, but then he never got back to me (I guess people with two small children don't check their Facebook messages as quickly as us none childrened folk) and before I knew it, Christmas busyness had swallowed me whole.

But then my girlfriends parents flew back to Denmark and I slowly came out of my turkey coma and realized I still hadn't grabbed myself my membership. So I dipped into my Christmas money (thanks mom… this is one of the things you bought me) and righted my wrong.

It is not just that Daytrotter is chock full of some of the best music on the web (i.e. alternative takes from some of your favourite / soon to be favourite artists around - like this great Father John Misty session). Although, that alone is worth the $24 a one year subscription costs. But all month (so just two days left to act), when you get yourself a subscription or even if you get a subscription for a friend, Daytrotter will give you a $20 gift certificate to spend in their shop.

So, if you do the math, you're basically getting a years access to more amazing music then you could ever possibly consume (but you'll enjoy trying) AND snagging a sweet tshirt or vinyl (or something else) from their store for $24. Show me a more musically and financially sound purchase than that… and then I will buy that too, because I like good music and good bargains.

You would be an idiot not to get it, so don't be an idiot. The world has enough of those.