212 Of My Favourite Tracks From 2012 - Spotify Playlist

Because I had to make some painful (painful to me) cuts when making my '100 Favourite Tracks From 2012' post, I decided that maybe a list with a little more leg room for all the great music that came out last year was necessary. And that thought led to the making of this list of 212 tracks, a number that I settled upon because it kind of looks like 2012 while at the same time acknowledging the fact that a playlist of 2012 tracks would be ridiculous.

So, if you are spending your New Years Eve at home, or even if you'd just like a 2012 atmosphere for while you get ready to go out on the town to ring in 2013, you could do worse than pressing play on this playlist.

Let it play from the start or throw it on shuffle. It's your call.

And have a happy new year and stuff.