60 Minute Fortnight | an 8tracks Mix Tape

I know it is cliche, but damn time really flies. It seems like only last week we were in June. Before you know it, it'll be time to be getting the sweaters out of the bottom of the 'Don't Need Right Now' drawer.

This mix features 14 songs with a day of the week in the title. Because it's ordered in the same order that a week goes (starting with Monday) and it lasts 60 minutes, if one wanted to get metaphorical about things, you could say that this mix represents how fast 2 weeks seem to pass you by. Or not. I really just had a playlist of songs with the day of the week in the title in my iTunes for awhile and figured it was time to make an 8tracks playlist out of it. But it kinda creates a feeling of days flying by.

So press play and either experience 2 weeks in an hour… or just listen to 14 songs. Your call on how literal you want to take it.