A Mix Tape For The Rapture

Not sure when the exact starting time is for tomorrow's rapture, so I figured I would get this out there now. Just in case. This mix tape was designed to see you through the whole ordeal, right up to the point where you get left behind.

Here are the artists featured in this soundtrack to the approaching end times (unless crazy Harold's bible math is wrong):

And if you are on 8tracks, you can follow the HI54LOFI page right here and listen to even more mix tapes. And you can even listen to those mix tapes on your fancy schmancy phones (with their iPhone app or Android app - I've used them both, and they're both great things to have in your pocket).

P.S. - Mix tapes like this one are just another brick in the ‘Mix Tape Radio wall’. Check out our MIX TAPE RADIO section for more info /details of said metaphorical wall.