A Must Read Article from 'The Quietus'

Do you make music? Or are you involved in the making of music at all? Heck, even if you are just a fan of music, you really should read this article over on The Quietus right now. Or if not right now, then maybe save it for later. But do read it.

It is hands down the best piece of writing on the state of the music industry I've ever come across. It is as well written as it is long, so you'll probably want to grab a cup of coffee first. Don't expect any solutions being offered up, just expect the perfect sum up of what things are like now. There is a wealth of chatter going on in the comments as well.


If you are like me, then this article might also be your introduction to The Quietus. I ended up spending quite a bit of time on it last night and it might be the crown jewel of music writing on the web.

I think I got more inspiration and knowledge from one night on The Quietus than a whole year of Music Think Tank and Bob Lefsetz combined. Those two are still good sources and I would recommend subscribing to both of their newsletters if you are interested in 'music industry stuff', it's just that The Quietus writes with such eloquence and grace that I sort of got a bit of a boner for them last night. And it's still here in the morning.

That link again (to that article you need to read): How The Music Industry Is Killing Music And Blaming The Fans

And remember, it is a long read, but it is worth it if you care even just a little bit about the making of music in whatever century it is that we are in. A hat tip to Sargent House for pointing out the article.