A Songdrop Mix Tape | August 2014

Just like this time one month ago, I've picked 5 songs each from YoutubeSoundcloud, & Bandcamp and assembled them all in an order that sounds good to these ears in the player below (or if you prefer, you can jump over on Songdrop, or you can even download the Songdrop app and listen on that little computer in your pocket that you use to screen phone calls from your mom).

So press play on a lovely new track from Sea Oleena and then just leave it playing until Adult Mom finishes singing about probably being old enough (and in between those you'll hear: new tracks from Danielle Fricke, Dude York, Justin Townes Earle, Sea Wolf, Thrupence, Owl John + Jeff Tweedy singing in a cave with Lucius + a NSFW Timber Timbre + even more).

And while you're listening, remember to remember: music makes all our lives a bit more bearable, but the continued making of that music requires all of us listeners to give a little love back (whether that be by buying the artist a metaphorical pint, turning your friends on to them, or even just letting the artist know you dig… anything beyond secret appreciation goes a long way).