A Songdrop Mix Tape | February 2014

As I've mentioned before, I really like Songdrop. But just because you like something, doesn't mean that you won't forget to use it as much as you should. Which is exactly what has happened with my Songdrop account. To be fair, this has happened to a lot of accounts I have online. It seems we live in the era of too many accounts to keep updated.

So as a way to keep my Songdrop account from slipping into a dormant state again, I've decided to make making a Songdrop Mix Tape every month a new feature for this here blog. As Songdrop is a site for keeping tabs on the things you like on Youtube, Soundcloud, & Bandcamp… I figured it'd make sense to make these mixes 15 tracks deep, with 5 gems from each of those services.

So that's what I did... and here's the first one:

Give things a spin and check everybody out further by clicking on the source link / doing a little googling and searching yourself. Remember: music makes all our lives a bit more bearable, but the continued making of that music requires all us listeners to give a little love back (whether that be by buying it or even just spreading the word or letting the artist know… anything beyond silent appreciation has a positive effect).