A SongDrop MixTape - Volume 001

Partly by chance, partly by procrastination, and partly because exfm isn't currently working with Bandcamp pages… I ended up spending a fair amount of time playing around with a new (to me) site called Songdrop. Basically trying to figure out if I like it enough to spend time playing around with it some more… and I think I might like it.

Now, Songdrop offers a service that is very similar to what exfm does —and that service, for those who don't know, is they both help you better keep track of the music you find and love on the internet— but there are a couple of things that Songdrop does that exfm does not. And those things happen to appeal quite a lot to the mix tape making brain that I happen to be stuck with:

  • You can make different playlists, including choosing song order (at the moment, exfm just lets you collect a really big list in the order that you 'heart' them)
  • You can embed those playlists on your site (like the mix tape I made above)
  • You can also keep track of videos from Youtube and Vimeo (exfm doesn't work on video sites)

Now of course, exfm does things that Songdrop does not do as well (for example, you can add a pretty sweet music player to your entire site, it is probably a bit easier 'hearting' music on exfm than it is 'dropping' in Songdrop, great phone apps, etc.), so I'm not saying Songdrop is better than exfm. All I'm saying is that I enjoy being able to keep track of the music I find online… and I'm really liking being able to easily turn those collections into easily shareable mixes / playlists. And I will admit that I had almost gone full boner for Songdrop until I realized that the arranging + embedding of playlists is more geared toward ‘20 songs or less’ playlists and not for the massive list of songs I had in mind (i.e. like a really kick ass, never ending 'Mix Tape Radio' or 'Bandcamp Radio'). But still, being able to make embeddable playlists of 20 songs is better than not being able to.

So yeah… if you like doing any of the stuff I mention above, I'd recommend you give Songdrop a test run. I think you can follow people on it as well, so if you want, you can follow me here.