Aidan Knight - Margaret Downe

This Aidan Knight track has quietly been stopping me in my tracks every time it's popped up on the Mix Tape Radio By HI54LOFI radio station that I often have on while working the hostel front desk (which, by the way, is a pretty decent station to have on while you are at work, if I don't biasedly say so myself).

The reason it's been stopping me in my tracks is mostly down to it being a simply stunning little tune —with a well placed and delivered “fuck” in it, which is not an easy thing to get right in a song— but also partly because I never gave Small Reveal the proper listening to that I am now realizing it deserves. So, even though it is not a new song, it feels new to me. So much so that the first few times it came on, I had to go and remind myself what the track was and who was singing it. But lately I've just been stopping whatever it is I'm doing and letting the track soak in while I make notes to go revisit the album.

Which is what I'm going to do now.  You too?

(also, in a related note, this track is my new jam