arrange - Their Bodies in a Fog

Putting an arrange album on the headphones feels an awful lot like being in one of those lowly lit, dialogue-less scenes in a TV show or movie. You know, the one where something serious has recently happened and the camera follows around the character slowly getting out of bed and getting ready for the day: slowly getting dressed, sipping on a coffee, eating a bowl of cereal, all while silently emoting that they are thinking about some heavy things.

Or at least that's the thing that came to mind while I sipped on my coffee and ate my bowl of cereal this morning with Malcolm's brand new album playing loud on my headphones (an album which came out today and you should totally go get). Nothing serious had recently happened to me though, but the music kind of made me feel like surely something must have (I was pretty tired, so I guess that can help make everything feel more serious). This sort of thing always seems to happen when I listen to an arrange album. There's a heaviness to the songs, but there is also a lightness to them. And I guess the combination of the two really makes for a cinematic listening experience. 

I highly recommend you go pick Their Bodies In A Fog up now (and then grab all his previous stuff too).