Bandcamp Radio on 8tracks - Volume 002

It's been awhile since I posted a mix tape on 8tracks (the last one being volume 1 of this ‘Bandcamp Radio’ series), and since I've had Bandcamp on the brain these last couple weeks, and since I didn't have time to put together a new episode of Mix Tape Radio, and… well there are a lot of 'ands' I could add on, but really, it just felt like time for another selection of 30 fine tracks that are all available on Bandcamp. Because I like making mix tapes and because I think the only better way of buying an artists music is if you run into them in person and can hand them a fiver directly. And who has time to leave the house? And in this weather?

So press play and when you hear something you like, press the 'BUY' link and you'll be taken directly to the artists Bandcamp page. Hopefully you can find a few worthy additions to your Bandcamp Fan collection.

I've also included the track listing below. Each track is linked up to where you can listen to the track on the exfm version of Bandcamp Radio (and the 'buy' links for those are also connected directly to the artists Bandcamp page).




And if you fancy this mix, you might just fancy the one that came before it.