Bandcamp Radio: Tracks From Episode 011

On EPISODE 011 of ‘Mix Tape Radio on Folk Radio UK’ (which has its first airing tonight), a nice handful of the tracks that are on the mix are available via Bandcamp. And since those tracks are all great (and since I wish everybody used Bandcamp), I've added the tracks to the ever growing playlist that is Bandcamp Radio.

And if you haven't used Bandcamp before, what better time than now. They just launched Bandcamp Fan Accounts and if you've visited this here blog in the past couple days or follow HI54LOFI on Twitter, you probably already know that I am a fan of the fan accounts.

So if you haven't already, get yourself a fan account and start building a collection to be proud of. The 6 suggestions below are a good starting point.

You'll hear all of the above tracks (plus more) on EPISODE 011 of 'Mix Tape Radio on FRUK', so check it out and stuff. And add 'check out Bandcamp Radio' to your list of Things To Check Out, as there is a bunch more great songs like the ones above to be listened to (and added to the collection of the Bandcamp fan account that you created… you set one up, right? -> here's my collection).