Bandcamp Radio on 8tracks - Volume 001

Up until now, I've kind of kept my attempt at making a 'Bandcamp Radio' over on exfm. But since 8tracks lets you enter custom urls for where each track is available (i.e. so you can override the automated link that is created for iTunes or Amazon), I figured why not expand on the ways of sharing how much great music is getting put out on Bandcamp.

And with Bandcamp's newly launched fan accounts, what better time than now to put up a mix of 30 great tracks / artists that are all available on Bandcamp. Almost all of these tracks can be added to your fan collection (I say 'almost', not because a few of the tracks are no good, but just because a couple of the tracks are free downloads so you can't technically add them to your Bandcamp collection… but you can and should still get them). I've updated each track on the 8tracks player so that the 'buy' links all go straight to the artists Bandcamp page.

So press play and when you hear something you like, press the 'BUY' link and go support that artist directly on Bandcamp. It's a win win, because at the same time you'll be building a tasty collection that all your (cool) friends will be envious of. Isn't that what it is all (partly) about?

I've also included the track listing below. Each track is linked up to where you can listen to the track on the exfm version of Bandcamp Radio (and the 'buy' links for those are also connected directly to the artists Bandcamp page).




If you are still reading, I'll just add a couple of things:

#1 - I think I will probably stop doing the 'monthly mix tapes' on 8tracks. It's been a good run, but with me putting together a radio show every two weeks, the monthly mix tapes have kind of lost their point (for me). Instead, I will try doing more 'themed' mixes whenever a theme hits me. And more mixes like the Bandcamp Radio one above.

#2 - If you don't have exfm installed in your browser, your missing a really great opportunity of turning the interent into your own personal jukebox / check this music out later list. For example, if you had it installed in your browser, you would know that it magically put play buttons beside each track in the above track listing (which you could then listen to each track, one after another, with the sweet music player that would be in the bottom right of your screen). Seriously, go get it. It makes the internet better to listen to.

#3 - If you have a similar ear as me, you can find some more ace tunes to add to your Bandcamp collection by checking out my collection here.