Be Here To Love Me

Yesterday I wrote a post about Mike Tod's great album 'The California Recordings', and in that post, I made a reference to the Townes Van Zandt documentary 'Be Here To Love Me'. Well, that got me wanting to watch the documentary again. So I did. And it is still amazing.

There are a lot of really poignant scenes captured on film and a lot of really inspiring things said, but nothing hits quite as hard as the scene above (which originally appeared in the documentary 'Heartworn Highways', which I haven't seen yet, so I will probably go track that down after this). ‘Waitin' Around To Die’ is a soul stirring track on its own, but when you put it on top of a close up of an elderly man slowly coming to tears as the lyrics in the song start cutting a little too close to the bone… that's some pretty powerful stuff.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend you go check this documentary out. Even if you don't like Townes Van Zandt (which would be ludicrous), it is one of the best music documentaries out there.