I’ve been spending most of my time working on new songs, so it was fun to play through some older ones.

DIYtrotter Sessions: 006

Zachary Lucky

Available through: Bandcamp

The 6th instalment of our DIYtrotter Sessions series features the very talented, and always on the road, Zachary Lucky. In fact, I am surprised that this wasn't recorded in the back seat of a wagon, on the side of some never ending Canadian highway.

And speaking of Canadian, there is no doubt that is where Zachary Lucky is from. And getting even more specific, there is no doubt that he is from Saskatchewan. Now, I may not have grown up in Saskatchewan, but I grew up in a small town in Alberta (so I kind of grew up in Saskatchewan) and Zachary captures the life you'll find there in his songs —the good and the bad and the now that I've been away I kind of miss it— perfectly.

As with all DIYtrotter Sessions, you can download the whole thing for free over on Bandcamp and one track will be featured on an episode of Mix Tape Radio On Folk Radio UK. Of the four tracks that Zachary recorded, three of them are pulled from his great love letter to Saskatchewan, which has just been pressed on vinyl.

That album was definitely one of the finer folk releases I heard last year, so if you happened to miss out on it in 2012, set things right in 2013. You can listen to Saskatchewan over on his Bandcamp page and pick a copy up for yourself.

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