Bedroom Sessions are now Diytrotter Sessions

I've been thinking of changing the name of our Bedroom Sessions series for awhile now. It's not that I didn't like 'Bedroom Sessions', but more that it wasn't 100% accurate. You see, not all of the sessions were recorded in a bedroom, and not all of the future sessions will be recorded in a bedroom. This is probably because the bedroom-ness of them was not really a strict rule; the main goal was for artists to record a Daytrotter-esque session in a DIY surrounding (which may often be a bedroom, but not exclusively).

And since there was always a knowing and intentional nod to Daytrotter right from the start, and since I was more or less describing these sessions to artists as “it's like a DIY Daytrotter session”, eventually the much more descriptive and clever (and kind of obvious) name 'DIYtrotter' came about. So there you have it, the reasoning behind the name change.


The first DIYtrotter session comes via Joseph McNulty (and I'll post in more detail about that session tomorrow... but you can go download and listen to it now if you fancy). And in the next little while, I'll convert all of those past Bedroom Sessions into DIYtrotter sessions (which basically just means that I will rename them - like the picture above shows). Which I guess would mean that Joseph's session isn't the first. It's the 7th. But at this very moment… it is the only one.

And since I just got back from a long ass shift and only have enough energy to eat ice cream and catch up on Community, I probably won't get around to changing over the previous ones until tomorrow.. So go stock up on those old Bedroom Sessions before they become DIYtrotter Sessions. Maybe they'll be collectors items one day (they most likely won't).