On The Mix Tape…

I've been finding it difficult to motivate myself to update the blog lately.

Which is partly brought on by not quite knowing what to write about these days. Which is partly brought on by foolishly paying attention to way too much stuff on the internet. So whenever I think I've figured out what I want to write on, I get distracted by a youtube video or 'controversial album review' or something else that easily convinces myself to stop what I was going to do. And before I know it, there are way too many different subjects bouncing around in my head that it just becomes easier to lay down and write the day off as another one that went by too fast. “You can always post tomorrow”, I always cry into my pillow (I don't actually cry).

But one thing that I manage to do, on a semi-regular basis, is continue to put together another episode of 'Mix Tape Radio On Folk Radio UK' . So I figured, “Why don't you spend a little time highlighting some of the tunes you decided to include on an episode? Maybe give a little insight into why you included it?”.

And since each episode contains no talking in between the tracks, I figured that might be a nice enough thing for anybody who enjoyed listening to the episode. And hey… it gives me a bunch more ways I can sort of say “go listen to the latest episode” without having to actually say “go listen to the latest episode” again and again. Plus, each episode contains way too many great tracks that deserve a little bit more than just being included (even if that just means a complimentary sentence or two).

But most importantly, I can always just refer to the latest episodes track listing whenever get sidetracked and forget were I put my blogging pants.