OTMT: Episode 022 - Tracks 4, 6, 7 & 12

It's time for part 2 of a new, ongoing instalment of the blog, one where I talk a bit about some of the songs that are on the latest episode of 'Mix Tape Radio On Folk Radio UK' and why they were chosen. This time around, we'll single out a few tracks that are off albums I liked enough to already have written a full post on….

TRACK 12: I usually go into making an episode of 'Mix Tape Radio On Folk Radio UK' with a handful of albums that I know I want to include a track from, and Comfort Songs was one of those albums. As was already mentioned in a previous post, this is a really excellent album. And all excellent albums have excellent songs on them, Stomach Pit being my personal favourite. So that's the long and short of why it is on this episode. Plus, it is a pretty nice song for mixing both in to and out of (although, listening back, I thought I had made the transition into Stomach Pit a bit more seamless then it sounds now… oh well, quite like how it leads out into the next track on the mix).

TRACK 7:  As was the case with Comfort Songs, Sundowning At The Station is also an excellent album with excellent songs that I've written about previously, and A Texas Moan is definitely my favourite. I think there is a small ‘wish I was a drifter alcoholic’ part to me, as songs with lines like “leave out the bottle and leave on the light / there's nobody else here to talk with tonight” always get me.

TRACK 6:  Now you might have sensed a theme starting to build up here, as I'm about to mention another excellent album with excellent songs that I've written about before, but with Leave The Ladder Down I actually didn't include my favourite track from the album on EPISODE 022. ‘Persimmon Tree’ is my favourite, but ‘Absorption’ just fit the feel of the mix better. That's the thing about mix tapes, you can't just stuff it full of your favourites.

 TRACK 4: This compilation from Gold Flake Paint is a really ace compilation. Plus, all proceeds go to charity, which as I mentioned before, is a pretty sweet thing (although, looking back at that post, I mostly just vented about charity salesmen in the city centre). I'm not sure if this track from Filbert is my hands down favourite track on the comp, but it definitely is the one that jumped out at me the most. Probably because I am a bit of sucker for songs that include 'found audio' in them. There's something about unusual audio clips that perk my ears and draw my attention in. And then throw in the fact that the rest of the track is brilliant, 'Sliced Bread' just seemed like the perfect fit to transition out of the dark area that the Elliott Smith section had taken the mix tape.