Benjamin Woods And The Golden Dregs

I realize that it was only a couple of weeks ago that I posted an ace tune / video from The Golden Dregs which also included a link to their Bandcamp page saying you should check the rest of their stuff out… but I've been listening to and seriously enjoying this little EP so much the last couple weeks I figured I best dedicate an 'On My Headphones' post specifically to this one. Because I know how A.D.D. we all can be (and asking people to watch a video & go do further investigating of said band in that post is a bit much to ask with all the shiny new things on the web each day).

So this post is for all of y'all that didn't follow that link the other day. Press play on the player above and / or jump over to The Golden Dregs Bandcamp page and grab this EP for whatever price you fancy. It's a good 'un.