Bigo & Twigetti Catalogue 'Name Your Price' Till Midnight

Some days you have nothing ready or planned for a blog post, but you get a bit lucky and fate steps in to help you out. This was one of those days. I woke up to weather that was probably the closest Nottingham has come to "winter" this year (it was kind of snowing for a bit… but then quickly turned to rain) and it a little bit later I happened upon a tweet announcing that Bigo & Twigetti's Bandcamp page was going "name your price" until midnight today.

And among the many great releases that they have put out (and you really should be leaving this post to go sample them all), there is this new Winter compilation that perfectly soundtracks this season. Well, the soundtrack would be even more perfect if the weather outside was that pretty, light snow falling down on top of an already fresh & fluffy layer of the cold white stuff, rather than the pissing down rain scene that is actually happening outside my window.… but hey, I can always close my eyes and imagine.

And no matter what the weather is right now… the Bigo & Twigetti "sale" is only on until Midnight. So go check them out and help yourself to some really excellent headphone treats (they've got stuff for all kinds of weather). And while we're talking BigoTwigetti, you should also check out their Mixcloud page, as they put together some really nice mixes.