Birdtapes’ Hank Williams Compilation

I randomly came across this brilliantly lofi compilation of Hank Williams' covers yesterday (on a kind of related note: have you seen the recent Bandcamp App improvement?), so I figured I'd scratch what I was originally going to post today and throw this up instead (I was, after all, mostly going to just talk about my sweet new AeroPress… but I can always do that next week).

I think what I like the most about this comp is how 'un-Hank' all the participating artists are. It's kind of nice hearing these old country songs getting put through a DIY-bedroom-artist filter, as it gives the tunes a new life and sound (rather than having some more 'country/folky' bands sort of do a karaoke version of the songs).

Not sure which is my favourite tune yet, as they all have a certain charm to them. Old favourites Lizard Kisses and Fog Lake do not disappoint (Fog Lake's take almost sounds like an xmas song, which I guess makes sense, seeing as the compilation was released 2 days before Jesus's birthday), Pill Friends’ version of 'Angel Of Death' sounds like early Bright Eyes, and… well, the whole thing is great and available as 'name your price, no minimum', so just go listen to it yourself and then do the right thing and add it to your Bandcamp Collection.