Booyakasha! Report - July 2014

Looks like another month has done come and gone. And since July is no longer around, I've gone back and collected all the “Bandcamp booyakasha!” emails that I was sent over the month.

A quick ramble through my inbox left me with a stack of 23 Booyakasha(!) emails for the month of July Which means that 23 times this past month I got to feel that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing some other lovely music lover had bought something directly after spending some time in my Bandcamp collection (or having my purchase pop up on their music feed, or being notified of purchases via email, etc).

Below are all of the albums that had my inbox receiving a pretty steady stream of virtual high fives and fist bumps this month.

Two Booyakashas! Each From…

One Booyakasha! Each From…

If you'd like to help keep the Booyakasha's coming, you can peruse my Bandcamp collection AND even more importantly,  get your own Bandcamp fan account (which is as simple as just buying some music… and then you can feel the joy of receiving your own Booyakashas!) and then make sure to follow HI54LOFI's fan account, as that way you'll get notified of my new purchases via email and in your Music Feed.

Of course, if you don't like the music I like, then don't follow me… but do still get a Bandcamp Fan account going and then just find people with ear drums that beat closer to your own and follow them.

And remember: every time a Booyakasha rings, an artist gets some bling.