Breathe Owl Breathe - Magic Central

It's that time of the week where I take a look at the tunes that have been dominating my headphones recently… and House Of Gold is a pretty clear winner for 'my jam of the week' (and it's also the opening track on Episode 34 of the 'Mix Tape Radio' show).

In an alternate universe —one where we all worked shorter weeks, everybody was genuinely concerned about climate change, and we all just generally got along— 'House Of Gold' was probably the biggest hit of their 2010. But we don't live in that universe. Instead, we work all the time and struggle to get by, the economy seems to always be on the verge of being in the tank and right wing thinking seems to be way more popular than I can fathom. So I guess charming songs about ‘romanticizing what we want out of life’, ‘ba-bumping into things’ and dancing cause it feels good is not in vogue.

It's a shame. The world would be a lot nicer if songs like this —and the ace album it comes from— were providing more people's day to day soundtrack. Oh well, I'll just continue putting stuff like this on my headphones and pretending that life's a lot more carefree than it actually is.