Bryant Eugene Vazquez - Dear Brother Death

I only happened upon this album after Bryant's latest album Caliber popped up on my Bandcamp Feed and the album cover made me think I might just like what I heard. Well, I can't really comment on the new album (though I've made a mental note to jump back to it at some point), as I somehow ended up tuning into Dear Brother Death instead and I haven't managed to un-tune from it yet.

It has soundtracked both my walk to and from work, and it's found its way back into my headphones again this morning. He's got a great rasp and can pen a mighty fine tune. Fencer In The Mirror & Foundling are my favourites, but I highly recommend you go press play at the start and let it run to the end because the whole thing is great. And if your ears are prone to falling for the same things mine are, you'll probably want to be hitting that 'Buy Now name your price' link over on his Bandcamp page.