Charles Bradley: Soul Of America

If for some reason you haven't already been won over by Charles Bradley yet (FYI - the only acceptable reason for that would be if you haven't heard either of his excellent albums yet), then do yourself a favour and go watch this documentary (it's also on American Netflix). And if you still don't appreciate the man's music after hearing his story… you are one cold hearted bastard (with broken eardrums). I was already a big fan, but after watching Soul Of America, I've a whole new layer of appreciation.

I wasn't really familiar with his story, but it's a pretty damn good one. From actually living in the projects and barely getting by (the documentary is from right before his debut album was released… so I'm sure his living situation is a little less dire now) to finding out that 'No Time For Dreaming' was actually his debut record (how many debuts come out from someone in their 60's?), and a whole bunch of hardship in between (homeless at 14, older brother being murdered), it's impossible to not listen to his records in a whole new light.

Anyway, go watch the documentary. It's a really touching and inspiring story (the scenes when he finds out there is an article about him the New York Post are perfectly heart warming). And then either go listen for the first time, or listen again with new ears, to his debut 'No Time For Dreaming' and his latest (and probably my favourite of his) 'Victim Of Love'.

He's one of the good ones.