Cloud - Comfort Songs

I've been getting far too good at procrastinating lately. One of the many things I've been moving from the 'do today' list to the 'do tomorrow' list has been purchasing Audio Antihero's latest feather in the cap, 'Comfort Songs' by Cloud.

Well, today it was officially released. So my plans of definitely pre-ordering proved to be not so definite. Which is why I made both a mental and actual note to buy the album -in all its lovely digipak glory- as soon as I got home from work today. And also included on those notes was the double underlined instruction to “put on the headphones and listen to the album front to back while you write a post about it… AND CLOSE ALL YOUR YOUR OTHER BROWSER WINDOWS, YOU EASILY DISTRACTED KID”.

So let's start with the most important fact: 'Comfort Songs' is an excellent album. One that deserves a full listen. And no knock on the Bandcamp players… but this is one of those albums that you need to listen to on a player that doesn't have that small 'loading gap' between songs, as each track bleeds so lovely into the next that you lose a small bit of the beauty if all you do is stream it online. All the more reason to purchase the album, throw it in iTunes and properly enjoy the intended 'gapless' spin (Fun Fact: I'm a sucker for albums that bleed into themselves. If you are too, then right after you get Comfort Songs, be sure to grab another AA gem, Ben Shaw's 'There's Always Hope…').

I think part of the reason I procrastinated on purchasing the album —besides having recently figured out how to access the American version of Netflix— was that the original lead off single 'Mother Sea' did not hit me in the heart guts as powerfully as tracks like 'Stomach Pit' and 'Blurry & Bright' do. 'Mother Sea' was a great introduction to the many pants that Cloud wears throughout the album (loud, quiet, melodic, manic) —and when listening to the album as a whole I've a new appreciation for it— but it only hinted at the magic of what the full length would be.

Luckily, you can always count on Audio Antihero to only be putting their name on something that is special. And that's what this album is. A special, proper 'album' album.