Cloud - Waiting Room Sessions

I actually went into listening to this Waiting Room Session from Cloud not expecting to like it as much I do. I'm not sure why that is, as The Waiting Room is always quality and 'Comfort Songs' was one of my favourite albums of 2013 (not quite top 5 favourite, but when I was contemplating increasing my list to 10, Cloud's debut was one of the baker's handful that was making settling on the final 10 to hard to nail down). I guess I had unfairly defined Cloud as a really excellent bedroom project and because of that self-imposed definition, I was not expecting the music to translate in a live session as well as it did. My head is great at making assumptions that are based on very little.

But that was just me being stupid, which is something I do often. I guess I assumed that because I do things better in a bedroom setting than out in the real world —that's not meant to be a sexual innuendo, although, in theory , I guess it would hold true— I just figured that the same rules would apply to Cloud's music. But I actually like this session version of 'Boy Sees Mirror' better than the album one. And the excellent Beat Happening cover (my favourite track on the session) makes me think that Cloud might actually be a pretty sweet band to see live. Which is something I never really thought of when listening to 'Comfort Songs'.

Which is not me slagging of that album. I really like that album (remember? I mentioned it in the first paragraph). In fact, I like that album so much that even though I already own it digitally and on CD, I decided to take advantage of Audio Antihero's clever bundling and grab the album on cassette. And I don't even have a cassette player. You do the math.

So, go grab this session. You can get it by itself for whatever price you fancy, or you can be like me and get it with a 'Comfort Songs' cassette. There's no wrong choices, unless you choose to walk away from here to get neither.