Cruiser - Kidnap Me

This song by Cruiser is so summer ready that I am almost having a hard time enjoying it properly. Almost. You see, the weather over here in England is very un-summer-like right now. I mean, it isn't that bad and we are already past the half way point of September… but there would be no mistaking the weather today for summer.

And when I pressed play, I started to feel a bit of chill. When the sugary “shackle me up and lock it” came in, I suddenly became hyper aware of the fact that I was wearing a hoodie. Indoors. With a blanket wrapped around my feet.

But then faint memories of summer past started to kick in and I realized that ‘Kidnap Me’ was a great little tune. A tune I wish I had in my headphones a couple of months ago, when having a coffee of the iced variety was in the majority and one had a legitimate reason to put on sun glasses. Because, yes, sunglasses usually make you look way cooler… too bad that ‘only having them on because you know they make you look cooler’ is so obvious in sunless situations. But when it's sunny out, you'd be stupid not to be wearing sunglasses.

And around that time would have been a perfect time to listen to this track.

But not now. Not when the days are getting shorter and the hair on your girlfriends legs is starting to get longer. Something feels off. Like wearing a costume after Halloween has come and gone.

This song is just too summer for the beginnings of fall.  I should probably be listening to the new Bill Callahan album.

That being said, I'm glad that Tympanogram was having as Indian-y of a Summer as they were having, because I think I will seriously enjoy putting this track on when the sun comes back and I can listen to it in its natural habitat.