Doc Feldman & the LD50

It took me awhile to get around to finally listening to Doc Feldman & the LD50's ‘Sundowning at the Station’ . After seeing tweet after tweet pass by my feed praising the album, I made sure to put it on my list of Things To Remember To Check Out. But that list can often get quite long and tends not to actually be written down anywhere.

But yesterday I remembered. And I'm glad I did. Because all the kind words said about it were definitely justified. It's a simply lovely album, that kind that soaks over you like an after work glass of whiskey, slowly slipped in an empty, dark room.

It only took me listening to the first track and a half before I had been convinced to push that 'buy' button over on Doc's Bandcamp page

Of course, in the typical fashion of my wallet savvy ways, I realized afterwards while trying to get my inbox under control —and while listening to the album I just purchased—that I had actually been sent a free press download of the album.

Oh well. I'm okay with that. This is the sort of album that I would definitely buy the makers of a pint if I ever happened to land in the same pub as them. Hopefully my 7 bones will eventually make it's way into a frosty cup.