Episode 44: Foxes In Fiction / Drug Cabin / the Growlers

This here post is the last one to feature 3 songs from Episode 44 of the 'Mix Tape Radio' show. Why is it the last post? Well, there were 18 tracks featured on that episode and I have already posted about the other 15 over the last two weeks. So the math kind of  does itself. So scroll downwards and give a listen to these 3 gems and when something catches your fancy, go listen to the full album (they are all great and worthy of a spot in your Bandcamp collections). And then maybe go follow HI54LOFI on Mixcloud (and / or subscribe on iTunes) as Episode 45 will coming next week.

|| (00:05:00) Foxes in Fiction - Amanda ||

This is one of those albums where you can't really pick one track out, you really need to listen to the whole thing, start to finish. One track leads into the next. In other words, Ontario Gothic is an 'album' album. And it is really lovely. Since the nature of these posts is me embedding that track that featured on the Mix Tape, I've embedded Amanda above… but you really should just start your listening out at track 1 and don't stop till it hits the end.

|| (00:54:33) drug cabin - Baywatch ||

If you had a similar musical past as me, you too may have always wondered “what the hell happened to Ambulance LTD?”. They put out an excellent self-titled debut back in 2005, and then they sort of disappeared. Which always kind of bummed me out, as it seemed like they should of done the opposite of disappear. Well, good news kids. Drug Cabin not only features a guy from Ambulance LTD, but you can totally hear that Drug Cabin features a guy from Ambulance LTD. So go dig in.

|| (00:57:45) the Growlers - Going Gets Tuff ||

This Growlers album is full of catchy tunes. Someone on Bandcamp described it as “Nineties Brit Pop meets Surf Rock” and I'd have to agree with that. Or at least, I've been trying to put my finger on the English band (or bands) that I keep having moments of being reminded of, and since I've yet to put my finger on it, I'll just 2nd what this Joyce lady said. And I'll just add that you should probably go check it out in full for yourself.

Alright, that is a wrap on Episode 44 and all the songs that were featured. If you've scrolled all the way down here without hitting a play button, go scroll back up and give these 3 tracks (and the albums they come from) your ears at some point today / this week. Maybe even a bit of your wallet. And while we're listing things you should do if you haven't already, you should probably also go listen to the episode that these tracks feature on. OK? Ok.

And see you next week with a brand new episode.