Episode 45 - Joe Fletcher / Roger Miller / Hozier

Episode 45 of the Mix Tape Radio show went online last week (listen to it here if you haven't already and/or get all the episodes on iTunes), and today I conclude my 'a few tracks at a time' ramblings about the 18 tracks that were featured on episode 45 with these three…

|| (00:29:10) Joe Fletcher - Florence, Alabama ||

This is one of those albums that I could tell I was going to like based strictly on the cover art. I'm a sucker for a rough around the edges 'proper-country' album, so when this album appeared in my Bandcamp music feed, my spidey senses started to tingle. 10 seconds into the first track and I was sold. Which quickly moved this album from my Music Feed to my Collection.

|| (00:17:05) Roger Miller - It Happened Just That Way ||

I couldn't find an online version of the version of 'It Happened Just That Way' that was featured on Episode 45 (I could only find this version, and it's not the same and not as good) so I figured I would upload the track I had on my computer, along with the cover art. Just in case no one was wondering.

|| (00:50:01) Hozier - Work Song ||

I remember when Hozier first appeared on the scene, and his 3 track EP was available on Bandcamp for 'whatever price you fancy'. After one listen, especially to 'Take Me To Church', I could tell that this guy was going to get pretty big. Well, he got pretty big, pretty quick (with an SNL appearance last month) and now his music isn't available on Bandcamp anymore. I hate when that shit happens. I mean, I'm glad his music is doing well (because he makes good music), and he seems like a good guy and he's undeniably talented, I just wish bands wouldn't start off on Bandcamp and then disappear from there as soon as their careers reach that next level. Bandcamp doesn't have to be just for indie bands you know? Hozier… y u no Bandcamp?

If you haven't already, you should totally give these 3 albums your ears at some point this week. Maybe even a bit of your wallet. And while we're listing things you should do if you haven't already, you should also go listen to the episode that these tracks feature on as well. Ok? Ok.