Episode 45: The Weather Station / Sturgill Simpson / Benjamin Woods

Episode 45 of the Mix Tape Radio show went up on the interwebs on Monday (listen to it here if you haven't already), and I'll be spending the 2 weeks between this episode and the next one briefly talking a little bit about the tracks that were featured. Why? Well, the tunes are just too good to just have me put them in a mix tape one day and then move on to talking about something else. So here's the first 3 bite breakdown of the 18 tasty tracks that made up Episode 45

|| (00:00:26) The Weather Station - Soft Spoken Man ||

Sometimes the only appropriate way to describe an album is to just say “it's lovely”. Well, maybe in the case of the latest album from The Weather Station, “it's really lovely” would be more appropriate. So now that all my written convincing is out of the way, all that's left for you to do is press the play button and hear for yourself.

|| (00:32:13) Sturgill Simpson - A Little Light Within ||

I had the pleasure of seeing this guy play live the other month, and from my position of 5 feet away, I can confirm that he's just as good in person as he is on tape. It really is a shame that the vast majority of people who claim to be into “country music” —and in America, that is a massive number— are not talking about this kind of “country music”. Because this guy makes the real stuff.

|| (00:25:45) Benjamin Woods - Nobody Ever Got Rich By Making People Sad ||

I'm not sure if this little EP should be considered a Benjamin Woods one or a Golden Dregs one. I guess the cover art sort of makes that obvious, but it is on The Golden Dregs Bandcamp page and Benjamin Woods is kind of The Golden Dregs… so maybe it's best to think of it as pre-Golden Dregs. Or maybe you shouldn't waste your time thinking about all that and just pop over to Bandcamp and grab it for yourself. Oh yeah… and speaking of Benjamin Woods being more than one thing, you should totally go check out his latest musical project Lost Dawn and their bad ass tune 'Manchild'.

If you haven't already, you should totally give these 3 albums your ears at some point this week. Maybe even a bit of your wallet. And while we're listing things you should do if you haven't already, you should also go listen to the episode that these tracks feature on as well. Yeah? Yeah.