Episode 46 - Cool Ghouls / the Wooden Sky / ScotDrakula

Episode 46 of the Mix Tape Radio show went up online two Mondays back (you can stream it on Mixcloud and/or download it on iTunes), and today I continue with the 'a few tracks at a time' ramblings about all the songs that were featured. So if you got a few moments and are not opposed to listening to some pretty sweet tunes… downwards with the scrolling!

|| (00:10:17) Cool Ghouls - Sweet Rain ||

This is one of those albums that a guy like me sees the cover art for and immediately thinks to himself “I should probably, at the very least, press play on this and give it a chance, because the chances are good that I'm gonna like it”. And you know what? Sometimes the things I think to myself turn out to be completely right. Which is why, to this day, I continue to give the voices in my head the benefit of the doubt. Sure, listening to them makes it harder to quit certain bad habits (“what, you're just going to have that coffee without a smoke? c'mon dude”), but the musical discoveries make it a worthwhile trade-off. Or at least that's what the voices tell me.

|| (00:15:18) the Wooden Sky - Let's Be Ready ||

The latest Wooden Sky album —which you can currently listen to in full over here—is probably one of their more 'rocking' albums yet. I tend to enjoy the softer songs on their records a bit more—like the title track off the new album, or this stone-cold gem from a few years back— but that is not to say I don't appreciate when they turn the amplifiers up. In fact, I distinctly remember the time I saw them live (opening for The RAA, which you can probably imagine was a more than excellent show) and my favourite moment of the entire show was when The Wooden Sky kicked out the jams on Tom Petty's 'American Girl'. So yeah, soft or loud, these guys kicks ass. And so does the new record.

|| (00:53:30) ScotDrakula - Break Me Up ||

If you've hung around these parts in the last year or two, you've probably heard me swoon about ScotDrakula and their ability to consistently put out tunes that make you want to kick things over (kick things over in the harmful, fun way, not the a-hole, make a mess for someone else to clean up kind of way). Well, they're back with what I guess would be considered their debut 'proper' full-length. Well, no surprises, the new album is brilliant. I ended up including the closing track Break Me Up on Episode 46, so I guess after you listen to that, digitally rewind the tape back to the opener O'Clock and prepare yourself for thrashing around in your room like hormone fuelled teenager (and probably expect me to be including more from this record on some future mix tapes). In fact, pop over to their Bandcamp page to do your listening, as some of the tracks have some pretty sweet videos to go along with them.

Well, that's it. If you made it down here without pushing play on any of the things above, you should probably head back up and correct that. Maybe even buy the artist a metaphorical pint if you like what you hear. And while we're listing things you should do if you haven't already, you should also probably go listen to the episode that these tracks feature on. And then I'll be back to talk about the last 3 songs from the episode that I haven't already talked about. Alright? Alright.