Episode 46 - Patchwork Guilt / Tiny Ruins / Dark Dark Dark

Episode 46 of the Mix Tape Radio show went up online on Monday (hot damn… it's #1 in the Folk, Indie, & Alternative charts on Mixcloud!), and today we reach the half way point of my 'a few tracks at a time' ramblings about all 18 tracks that were featured on the episode. So take yourself a small coffee break —you earned yourself a break, or maybe you haven't, but it's Saturday so just do it anyways— and give a listen to the three beauties below…

|| (00:43:42) Patchwork Guilt - Chalk and Debris ||

Not sure if you remember, but I played a Patchwork Guilt song on the previous episode. So why another Patchwork Guilt song so soon? Well, two reasons. Number one is that she's really great. Number two is that I only realized she had a new full length album out when I was rustling together my rambling about the track, and in that rambling I worried out loud about my predicament of whether to purchase a full length that had a handful of tracks off an EP I already had. But before I could solve my dilemma on my own, I received an email from Phoenix that included a download code for the new album (Boom! Problem solved! ). So I guess that just goes to show that whinging about things on the internet does net results.

|| (00:38:57) Tiny Ruins - Straw Into Gold ||

The lovely Tiny Ruins star continues to rightly rise. The most recent thing worth hanging on the fridge (to be put next to the Opening For Sharon Van Etten and Collaborating With David Lynch magnets, among many others) would have to be 'Brightly Painted One' winning Best Alternative Album at the New Zealand Music Awards. A moment made even more memorable with a guy falling of the stage as they accepted the award. 

|| (00:23:06) Dark Dark Dark - Lethe and Mnemosyne ||

Sometimes, my need to listen to music ALL THE TIME gets in the way of other things Like talking to other people. Or, more importantly, reading books. So this Dark Dark Dark soundtrack to 'Flood Tide' (“A group of artists and musicians living in a small, post-industrial town chase jobs, struggle with bills, and use art and music to build their own small world”) has been the stone I've been using for the killing of two birds (those birds being “listen to great new music” + “be able to concentrate on the book I'm reading, in this case, Naomi Klein's must-read 'This Changes Everything'”). I haven't had a chance to actually watch the film that this lovely album soundtracks, but it's on my list of birds to kill.

Alright, that's it from me for today (and let's be honest, probably for the weekend as well). If you made it down here without pushing play or clicking on any of the things above, you should probably head back up and correct that. Maybe even buy the artists a metaphorical pint if you like what you hear. And while we're listing things you should do if you haven't already, you should also probably go listen to the episode that these tracks feature on. And then I'll be back to talk about the other 9 songs from the episode that I haven't already talked about.