From The Mailbag - 01


Ahhhh I've been searching for this radio station all my life! You play so many great bands who don't get nearly as much air time as they deserve! It's so refreshing to hear everything from James Brown to Manchester Orchestra.

Do you have a playlist of everything you play through the day? Every once in a while I hear a song I like that I didn't catch the name of.

Also, I'm not sure if you play them on your station already, but if you ever want to check out the band Brand New, their album The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me is FULL of some of the best music I've ever had the honour to lay my ears upon. Sigh~ They are an amazing group that I wish everyone would listen to at least once in their lives.

Thanks again for the wonderful music!

-- Elyse

Since I didn't have any ideas on what to write about today, and since I'm still foolishly trying to see how long I can keep a "one blog post a day” streak going for (this post makes for the 61st straight post… and if I didn't have a couple lazy days back at the start of January, we'd actually be in the 70's right now), I figured I would post this incredibly nice email I received the other day. I especially like how she especially likes the Mix Tape Radio station.

Running a blog that not that many people read and a radio station that even less people listen to is often a non-stop “why are you still doing this?” internal debate, but every now and again you get an email like this that helps re-stoke the flames of misguided importance.

So thank you Elyse. Your a star and I hope you have lots of friends who do whatever you tell them to do (and that you also tell them all to tune into the radio station :).

And no, I haven't really listened to Brand New before. Or at least I don't think I have. I know I've heard of a band called Brand New, but I can't really place what they sound like (although my gut is telling me “pop-punk-emo-ish”). But I'll check them out and hopefully I'll have some time in the near future to add some more songs to the station's rotation.

And, also, no again; there isn't really a playlist of everything that is played each day… although what is playing gets automagically tweeted by this twitter account, so I guess there kind of is (although sometimes it doesn't work perfectly and misses a track or two; also, the station plays commercials in some countries, so while commercials play for some, I have a bunch of 2 minute songs that play for everyone else... but the song titles don't get announced for those).

Well, that has been the first and maybe only ‘From The Mailbag’ post… although I do like having re-occurring segments. Plus, maybe it will help me get better at answering emails if answering them means I get to check a blog post off for one day in the week. So feel free to shoot any questions or compliments or whatever to: jeremy [at] hi54lofi [dot] com