If you read and memorised the post I did a couple weeks ago where I talked about what I'd be trying to post and when this year (I'm gonna guess: probably not), you probably remember that every 2nd Sunday (i.e. the Sundays that don't come with a HI54LOFI NEWSLETTER) was a day that I didn't have any kind of post scheduled. Well, thanks partly to the fact that Minilogs has been working inconsistently at best (and even when it is "working" it is not working properly), mixed with a healthy portion of I'd like to try to make at least one 8tracks mix per month, I've decided that I will start using one of those 'every 2nd Sundays' to make a mix consisting of ALL the previous months featured FANDCAMP albums.

As we are in February, that means I've gone back through all 18 January Fandcamp posts (as you know from reading “what I'll be posting and when", I plan on doing a Fandcamp post every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday… that's why there is not 31) and I have put together a tasty little 8tracks mix that you can either pop over to 8tracks to listen to or just scroll down a little further (where you will also see handy links for each album post).

And if you didn't know already… there is a Twitter account dedicated just to Fandcamp posts (just in case you are insane and don't want to follow the main HI54LOFI account and see all the other non-Fandcamp posts and thoughts that go down on the daily). And if you are not already, you may also be interested in following / checking out my Bandcamp collection (y'know if you like Fandcamp-y things like seeing Bandcamp albums with a fans thoughts underneath them).