Filbert - Headphones

As I was putting together the next episode of the 'Mix Tape Radio' show (ps - I'll be on vacation from Saturday to Saturday in the south of Spain, so the next episode won't be getting posted until the 16th) I rediscovered this track off Filbert's excellent Chronographic album. If you would of asked me last week, I would have told you that my favourite tune on the album was Sliced Bread, but walking around with Headphones on my headphones the past few days has changed my mind.

The lyrics (and the delivery of those lyrics) on this tune are really excellent. I have especially found the repeated “if I keep driving with my headphones on I think that I will die” mantra to be very relatable. Not because I drive, but I do walk around town with headphones on. And in England, the pedestrian has the opposite of the right of way. It's so bad over here that English walkers wave thank you at cars that stop for them at crosswalks (which is the equivalent of waving thanks to cars that stop at red lights).

Since I've spent more time walking in cities in Canada than in the UK, I still have the tendency of thinking that cars should wait until I cross before turning on or off a main road onto a side street, but that's not how it works over here. The matter becomes even more dangerous when you've got headphones on that block out the sounds of the city. You know, like “quickly approaching car” sounds.

Anyway… this tune is 'my jam of the week' and you should really go pick up the album it comes off. Also, be careful walking around in England. When driving on the wrong side of the road isn't the most dangerous thing about UK drivers, you know shit is serious out there.