Fog Lake - virgo indigo

I wonder if this release —much like Mutual Benefit's ‘Love's Crushing Diamond— will be the release that puts Fog Lake into a much bigger spotlight. It's hard to say. If you ask me it should (well, if you really asked me, then last years 'holy cross [ep]' would have already done that… or 'farther reaches'), but I guess a band breaking past the little blogs really does come down to whether someone at Pitchfork likes it. But this album could be the one that does it.

The 'fog lake sound' of the last few releases is still here —achingly beautiful tunes, with a very lofi vibe— but everything sounds a little bit more polished on this one. But not super polished. More like he went from recording in his own bedroom to recording in a friends bedroom who has slightly more expensive recording equipment. There's less of a 'demos' vibe and more of a 'record' feeling. And it's a really great record.

If you rock a cassette deck, then head over to Orchid Tapes and snag one of the 50 that are up for grabs (before they've all been grabbed). Don't have a WalkMan? No worries… you can (and should) grab a digital version over on Bandcamp for whatever price you fancy.

ps - I'd just like to make clear that the 'demos' vibe on the previous records was a very good vibe… and I highly recommend that you stock up on the entire Fog Lake catalogue when you're over on Bandcamp (they are all really great)