Four From My Bandcamp Collection - 02

Sometimes I think it'd be easier dancing about architecture. Which is partly why I started this new feature. I don't need to say much about the music, just put together a sentence or two + pick my favourite track and provide some play buttons for you to do the rest. Is it lazy blogging? Maybe. But who wants to read an essay about why something sounds good on a Saturday anyway.

So without any further rambling (need to save some words for next Saturday), here's 4 more gems from my Bandcamp Collection


Because you can't buy pt.2 without buying pt.1 (also it's lovely). Favorite track: To Find It Gone.

Because you can't buy pt.1 without buying pt.2 (also it's lovely). Favorite track: Dunes.

I think we can all agree that 'Clear Lake Strangler' is just a really kick ass song. Favorite track: Clear Lake Strangler.

This is a beauty of a record. Favorite track: Every Second is a Second Chance.


Hope you find the time to give all 4 a proper listen and maybe think about adding a couple to your own collection (if they're not already in there). And then come back next week for the exciting continuation of this new weekly feature.