Four From My Bandcamp Collection - 07

It's Saturday again, and if you've been around these parts during the last month and a half, then you probably know that another '4 From My Bandcamp Collection' is going to appear below this opening rambling. And if this is your first time here, well, you've probably figured that out by now too…


It's like a slightly more ‘sing-y’ Bill Callahan album. Favorite track: Cliff Ledge.

This album is lovely in its own right, but being my first received Bandcamp gift it earns a few extra lovely points in my books. Favorite track: In The Dark.

Malcolm has a knack for making really vulnerable music that will have you getting all introspective and thinking about heavy things… yet, somehow, never feeling down. Favorite track: Where I Go At Night.

6 songs to perfectly accompany one of those “taking it slow” days. Favorite track: I'll Breathe.


Hope you find the time to give all 4 a proper listen and maybe think about adding a couple to your own collection (if they're not already in there). And then come back next week for the exciting continuation of this new weekly feature (and/or you can check out and follow my Bandcamp Collection and stay one step ahead of these posts).