Four From My Bandcamp Collection - 10

Welp… this is the 10th edition of '4 From My Bandcamp Collection'. Which means I've now highlighted over 40 albums from my collection (and I've now written 'mini reviews' for almost half of my collection, and getting 'mini reviews' written for the full collection was one of the main motivators for starting this feature… so yay for that) . True, some albums I've highlighted have been hidden from Bandcamp since I included them in this re-occuring feature, but I guess that's just because they got so many mad hits from my blog they had to be taken down (ok, that's not actually what happened). Anyway… here's this weeks 4 featured gems:

Perfectly lofi & rough around the edges in all the right places. Favorite track: Good Book.

It's true. Sometimes life is cool. (ps - this record's cool all the way through) Favorite track: Sometimes Life's Cool.

I remember my middle school dance, but pretty sure I didn't have any swag back then. I guess big thick glasses weren't cool yet. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure swag wasn't invented yet either. Maybe the two are connected. Favorite track: Middle school dance.

I guess it doesn't matter what name Mat puts things out under… the tunes are always extremely solid. Favorite track: i don't know.

Hope you find the time to give all 4 a proper listen, cause if you do, then the next logical step would be thinking about adding them to your own collection (if they're not already in there). And then remember come back next week for the exciting continuation of this weekly feature (or you can check out / follow my Bandcamp Collection and stay one step ahead of these posts, if that's your bag).