Four From My Bandcamp Collection - 14

It's Saturday. Again. Which means I've gone and grabbed 4 pieces of ear candy from my Bandcamp Collection and laid them out on the table below for you to enjoy.

These songs are what I imagine a lot of men's inner dialogue would be if you took them out to the middle of nowhere and left them alone to think on things awhile. Favorite track: Ben.

I don't know if there is such a thing as a more catchy album then this one. Favorite track: Television.

If you don't happen to have a shy & talented housemate secretly making music in the next room… you can put this album on and pretend that you do. Favorite track: stalemate.

You can always count on Audio Antihero to only be putting their name on something that is special. And that's what this album is. A special, proper 'album' album. Favorite track: Stomach Pit.

Hope you find the time to give all 4 a proper listen, cause if you do, then the next logical step would be thinking about adding them to your own collection (if they're not already in there). And then remember come back next week for the exciting continuation of this weekly feature (or you can check out / follow my Bandcamp Collection and stay one step ahead of these posts, if that's your bag).