Four From My Bandcamp Collection - 16

Today marks the 16th straight Saturday that I've grabbed a handful of gems from my Bandcamp Collection and hung them up on a metaphorical wall of my site. It also marks the last one. Before you humour me with pretending to be upset… I'm just going to start doing this '4 From My Bandcamp Collection' on Friday instead of on Saturday. Why? Well, a couple of reasons.

The main reason is that I'm going to end my '1 blog post a day' experiment / self-inflicted challenge very soon. I've currently gone 111 straight days with doing a blog post every day and I think my new experiment is going to be to do '1 blog post every weekday'. I'm just one dude. And on top of my one dudeness, Saturday & Sunday are not the greatest days to be doing blog posts. The internet is a lot emptier on the weekends with all that ‘spending time away from a computer’, especially with the nice weather just around the corner.

So… this is the last one of these to fall on a Saturday. Next week it'll happen all over again on a Friday. But for now, just go check out the 4 albums below and think about adding them to your own collections.

Dan Reeder has such a soothing voice… sometimes you don't even realize that he's singing about how his lady won't give him a bj on his birthday or the flaws of a beach ball. Favorite track: It feels so good.

I'd just like to state that this one is definitely worth hitting that 'Buy Now' button. But if you don't believe me, hit the 'Play' button first and hear for yourself. Favorite track: Young Fathers.

It's stripped down and rough around the edges, but there is a real charm about it. Plus, Thorsten's a good dude. Favorite track: simply not my type.

This is not your mother's Glass Cake (if your mother was cool enough to be into Glass Cake a few years ago), but Michelle is brilliant and so is her new sound. Favorite track: OMG.

Hope you find the time to give all 4 a proper listen, cause if you do, then the next logical step would be thinking about adding them to your own collection (if they're not already in there). And then remember come back next Friday for the exciting continuation of this weekly feature (or you can check out / follow my Bandcamp Collection and stay one step ahead of these posts, if that's your bag).