Four From My Bandcamp Collection - 21

Friday is here again. Which, in these parts, means that 4 more pieces of ear candy have been selected from my Bandcamp Collection and been laid out on the table below for you to have a tastes and think about adding to your own collection. That's right, it's 'Four From My Bandcamp Collection' time again…

The whole thing is great… but that 'Vibrasonics' track is the one that really slays me. Favorite track: MoonLasso - Vibrasonics.

Talk about getting some bang for your buck… 20 tracks —and some of those tunes are longer than an EP— for whatever price you fancy! Also, it's really excellent. Favorite track: Knife In The Coffee.

This album sounds like how it feels to still be wide awake at 5am, even though you went to bed at 11pm. Favorite track: Voice In Headphones.

There's a bit of a ‘Shins’ vibe on here… and that's never a bad thing. A great soundtrack for that time of the year when Winter is still checking out and Summer has not yet arrived (I think they call it ‘Spring’… but I live in England, so the seasons are all a bit muddled over here). Favorite track: Omaha (You Give Me The Feelings).

Well, that was that. Remember to come back next Friday for the exciting continuation of this weekly feature. You can also check out / follow my Bandcamp Collection and stay one step ahead of these posts (if that's your bag). And… you can also listen to my Bandcamp collection as a big ol' playlist over on Minilogs (not to mention an even bigger playlist of ‘available on Bandcamp’ goodness).