Four From My Bandcamp Collection - 25

For 25 straight weeks (ok, maybe I missed one week) I've been grabbing 4 gems from my Bandcamp Collection and placing them in a post just like this one. Why? Well, it seemed like a much easier way of sharing some good music with the small number of cool folks that come by this site instead of writing individual blog posts for each album. Are they all worthy of their own post? Of course (and I get around to doing it for some), but for the most part, I think highlighting an ace track and saying a sentence or two is probably all that is really needed to pass a good thing on.

So have listen to the 4 tracks below, and if something catches your fancy, pop over to the artists Bandcamp page and show them a little (monetary) love. 

There's a very loose and old-timey vibe on this… and I dig it a lot. Favorite track: Get It Right.

As I read Todd Snider's excellent book 'Never Met A Story I Didn't Like' I realized that I did not own this album of his. So I figured I'd fix that. Favorite track: Keep Off the Grass.

A really mellow and laid back listen, with lyrics that work as a nice companion to the internal dialogue that's often running through my head. Favorite track: Liars & Thieves.

Excellent debut. Very glad I randomly found my way to it. Favorite track: Someday.

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(and a happy Independence Day to all you 'mericans, a happy belated Canada Day to all my fellow canucks, and a happy Normal Day to the rest of you)