Four From My Bandcamp Collection - 27

It's Friday again… so here's another 4 albums from my Bandcamp Collection that I think you should take a few minutes to give a listen to. If you haven't already that is. I think I've mentioned each of these albums on the blog 1 or 2 times before… but I guess that's one of the reasons I started doing this weekly feature; too often we are 'over' an album before the new music smell has even started to wear off, so it is nice to throw a few 'older' things back out into the daily stream of brand new content. Plus, some things are worth mentioning more than once.

A 14 track compilation from one of the best record labels going these days… what's not to love? Favorite track: Euphoria Again - Change.

I have no idea what Ruspo is singing about on this excellent album… which makes it a great addition to my ‘listen to while reading/thinking’ repertoire. Favorite track: EUA

There is just something very philosophical about a 'guitar only' album. This is especially true when that 'guitar only' album has songs titled ‘enter blinded oedipus’ and ‘Heraclitus Descended’. With no lyrics to dissect or words to influence your train of thought, the brain is left to scratch its own head. Which is what this album gets me doing. Favorite track: Cornhuskers.

As the name would suggest, EP2 is the second ARMS EP. But what the name doesn't suggest (so I'll say it) EP2 is just as excellent as the first one. Favorite track: Comfort.

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